We recently delved into the how-to's of building a prototype as part of our Deep Dive series. Our panel of experts discussed the options available to founders - bringing a CTO into the team, sourcing software developers and exploring low code and no code options yourself.

What did we learn?

Don't try to do it all at once! Focus on the fundamental functionality for version 1. Be clear in what you want to achieve. Communication and managing expectations are both key.

Watch the session back below or jump to the most relevant part for your journey.

1:18 Panel introductions from David Shawe, Invisible Building and Sugar Financial Technology, James Nesbit, Myth Digital, Sugar Rush, Ali MacFarlane, Connor, Software Developer
5:59 Software devs building on top of low/code no code platforms
6:39 How costly is the software development process?
12:06 James on WhereBy and researching the MVP
16:47 Founder advice from Lee-Anne Scott
23:59 Ali sticking up for the developers and talking about the process at Sugar Rush
25:39 Ali on how developers have a hard challenge of building stuff and things change and providing documentation at the end
27:47 Myth on their discovery and utilising user stories for non technical founders
34:30 David on utilising no-code
35:32 Founder friendly frameworks
36:52 David on Laravel and open-source tech and putting trust in your developer
44:27 Myth giving a case study on using no-code as an MVP past the prototype stage
46:34 Building prototypes are great for investors
49:34 Founders not knowing where to start
51:47 Eva-Jayne on the Raise Community
52:09 David Shawe on Co-Founders by Catalyst
54:34 Lee-Anne on raising money from a prototype