Founders emerge from the Accelerator programme with a commercial, scalable business ready for investment to take them to the next stage of growth and scale.

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Pitch Events connect founders with active investors and funds interested in investing in startups in your industry at pre-seed, seed and series A level.

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Meet early-stage startups presenting exciting opportunities for investment.

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Take a look back on our recent pitch nights

Parisien Pitch Night

Parisien Pitch Night November 2022
Northern Ireland’s first and only open pitching event! Raise was originally born from the idea of connecting investment ready startups with active angel investors and funds

Sunset Pitch Night

All the photos from Sunset Pitch Night
On Wednesday 29th March, we showcased 5 exciting startups emerging from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland at our Sunset Pitch Night. It was just wonderful to see a full room of investors, advisors and mentors showing up to support local founders and get a flavour of the talent

Rooftop Pitch Night

Summer Pitch Night in photos
Raise Pitch Nights give a platform to startups - both early stage startups and established scaleups - to showcase their business and connect with angel investors and VC funds to raise capital. Our Raise the Roof Summer Pitch Night saw 8 rising startups from the creative, hospitality and tourism, bi…

Masquerade Pitch Night

Masquerade Pitch Night in photos
Last night we hosted our Masquerade Pitch Night extravaganza at the beautiful Crescent One, their first ever event in the recently renovated Belfast townhouse. The energy, enthusiasm and innovation in the room was palpable. We can’t thank you enough for your support. Have a look at how it went belo…

N.B. Raise Ventures Ltd is not a financial advisor. Raise do not provide investment advice. Raise showcases opportunities to connect with qualified early-stage startup companies. Please note with any investment opportunity capital is at risk. Raise recommends that before entering into a transaction involving the acquisition or subscription for shares, investors obtain the advice of a person authorised
under the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 who specialises in advising on investments of this type and obtain appropriate due diligence, taxation and legal advice.

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