We had such a blast carving the pathway into entrepreneurship for 15 impressive young people this Summer. The Emerging Entrepreneurs Summer School nurtured the innovative potential of young people from different backgrounds and experiences to showcase the opportunity of startups as a viable career, help them find their tribe, and learn by doing as they applied themselves to formulating a viable business idea. The confidence, charisma and conviction they showed at the Demo Day at the end of the week says it all!

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the past week. It was truly an unforgettable experience.
15 young people nurtured on the programme
3 innovative business ideas developed
30 founders came together to pay it forward and support
Pitches to 50 ecosystem supporters, family and friends

Check out some of the students' radio interview on Good Morning Ulster. Bella, Jack and Eoin joined the BBC team to share their experience.

Interview with the BBC's Good Morning Ulster Friday 25th
Your passion and dedication made the learning experience unforgettable. Thank you for leaving me with valuable knowledge and helping me grow.
I'm truly grateful for the opportunity to learn from you and the others.