Where can you find talent?

It's not easy to navigate the numerous, dispersed ways of finding potential employees out there. So we've done the hard work for you and pulled together information on talent sources from local universities, colleges, programmes, and agencies. You can filter the database according to your needs - if you're looking for internships, placements, graduate students, C-suite roles, or developers etc. We recommend you click 'View larger version' in the bottom right hand corner for the best experience.

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How can startups compete for talent?

It's tough for startups and scaleups to compete against the bigger corporates for talent when you don't have the big salaries, the benefits and perks packages or the established brand (yet). But startups do have negotiating power when it comes to finding talent. Less bureaucracy, more autonomy, greater impact and the opportunity to be at the core of something very special is a very appealing proposition to the right ambitious individual.

On 15th June we're hosting a workshop to explore how startups can develop their Employee Value Proposition through branding, EMI schemes, and fair hiring to secure the very best talent - you're invited to join us.

How Startups Can Compete For Talent
Join us on the 15th of June for a hybrid panel discussion event on how to effectively hire the right talent for your business.

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