"Our role is not to quash ideas, but to support, advise and redirect when necessary. To inspire greater thinking. Never to kill entrepreneurial spirit."

Community Manager Eva-Jayne joined the Global Entrepreneurship Network's ecosystem roundtable as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

The panel spoke about the fundamental structure of a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem, the power of connections and partnerships, technology as an enabler and a blocker and creating inclusive environments for entrepreneurs.  

You can watch the discussion below.

On the panel, Eva-Jayne was joined by:

Jerry Allen | National Director England @ GEN UK & Director of Entrepreneurship @ UCL

Russell Dalgleish | National Director Scotland GEN UK & Co-Founder of Scottish Business Network

Becky Lodge | Founding Director @ Little Kanga Ltd & Brand Founder @ Start-Up Disruptors

Babita Devi | Founder, Mentor, Board Advisor

Valerie Dwyer | SUCCESS Coach, Mindset Mentor, Speaker and Best Selling Author

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