A phenomenon born in the United States, startup accelerators have disrupted the ecosystem as we know it. Accelerators are built to foster rapid growth of their portfolio companies by giving startups the resources they need to accelerate this growth in the form of mentorship, connections, community and office space.

The Raise Accelerator

Here at Raise, we support startups at a pivotal early-stage to help shape their development and growth trajectory. We're a trusted hand when it comes to building a business, taking a founder-friendly approach to help founders avoid the common pitfalls made in the early days of building a successful high growth tech startup.

The Raise Accelerator is an intensive sprint of knowledge, expertise, workshops and peer to peer learning to help founders prepare their startup for investment. Being part of an accelerator gives you access to resources and people that can't be found elsewhere, and brings credibility to your investment proposition. We're a trusted source of dealflow for investors - accelerators do the due diligence for you!

If you're ready to commercialise a validated idea, launch and get
investor-ready we want to hear from you. Find out more and apply for the accelerator below.

Apply for the Raise Startup Accelerator Programme
If you are a startup founder or entrepreneur solving a real problem and are ready to commercialise your validated idea, launch it in the market and raise investment

What are Accelerators looking for?

At Raise, we're looking for opportunities that demonstrate a large addressable market, a brilliant idea, early signs of traction and most importantly a strong team behind the startup.

Where did Accelerators come from?

The first seed accelerator was Y Combinator, started in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2005, and then later moved to Silicon Valley by Paul Graham. Many worldwide accelerators are shaped by this first movement.

What's different about the Raise Accelerator?

The Accelerator offers a rich peer learning opportunity. You're welcomed into your cohort and the family of 20+ founders who have been through it before you. We bring together past and current programme participants with external advisors regularly to allow you to lean into excellent insight and avoid painful mistakes.

Don't just take our word for it... here's what our startups have to say

Impact of the Accelerator programme
For tech startups based in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and across the UK, the Accelerator supports you through validation, commercialisation, launch and investment readiness.

If this unique opportunity feels like it's coming at the right time for you, apply today.