There are lots of great opportunities from good startups solving real problems in industries such as insurance, finance, logistics, retail, sports, climate and digital health, and they are building right here in Northern Ireland. Those opportunities have lots of potential with some customers along with the resilience to progress but have challenges with scaling their team, getting more sales and continuing to develop their technical solution.

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To do this scaling piece these companies need angel investment. What does that mean?

That means people with disposable income who want to get involved with great local companies can invest money in return for equity to support their journey to scale and get a return.

It allows investors to increase their variety of investments on top of more traditional offerings like property and stocks and shares.

Note that it's a patient journey and the companies often take some time to get to both revenue generation and profitability. But by investing early there is opportunity to pay it forward with experience, money and connections and make significant returns on your initial investment.

It would be worth anyone considering angel investing should get independent advice. Learning from other angels is a great way to explore the opportunity. Ask questions to find out more about their plans to invest, what works, what to look out for in deals and hearing both good and not so good news stories is one of the best ways to learn.

Just recently we've been at Catalyst's Inbound Investors, HBAN's (Halo Business Angel Network) launch, the Northern Ireland Investment Summit and meetings with local angels.

What were our key takeaways?

  • Angel investing is one part of your wider investment portfolio
  • It's high risk and requires long term patience but can bring high rewards

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