Welcome to the 'Raise the Roof' Pitch Night! We heard from 8 rising startups that are ready for investment, connections and your support in bringing them to the next stage in their journey.

Check out all the golden hour photos from the evening.

Summer Pitch Night in photos
Raise Pitch Nights give a platform to startups - both early stage startups and established scaleups - to showcase their business and connect with angel investors and VC funds to raise capital. Our Raise the Roof Summer Pitch Night saw 8 rising startups from the creative, hospitality and tourism, bi…

Company information and pitch decks can be viewed below. We'll share their video pitches soon!

Pryntd is using Generative AI to instantly transform 2D content and live streams into immersive experiences for users. Founder Berne Omolafe can be contacted on berne@pryntd.xyz

Clever Foodie is a clever end-to-end software for artisan food producers saving them time and money from taking production orders through to delivery. Founder Jason McDevitt can be contacted on j.mcdevitt@aerobluesoftware.com

The Rovar platform delivers world class AR and virtual, factual and fun experiences to leading visitor destinations across the globe. Founder Michael McGlade can be contacted on michael@rovar.com

MPS provides data-driven insights and analysis to individuals, teams and sports organisations through a range of innovative products and services. Founder Mark can be contacted on mark@mps-data.co.uk

Farming Carbon is a framework and platform developed in Northern Ireland to scale sustainable farming practices and support farmers. Founder Stephanie can be contacted on info@farmingcarbon.co.uk

Scanmatix is a stock intelligence company helping manufacturers and retailers increase human efficiencies and optimise outputs through digital transformation. Founder George can be contacted on george@scanmatix.com

PromptxArt is digitsing art and design by creating accurate image prompts for art studios. Founder Sridhar Sai Gorrepati can be contacted on sgorrepati01@qub.ac.uk

CloudForce is an aggregator of delivery partners like JustEat, Deliveroo, UberEats, creating a cost effective way for hospitality vendors to manage multiple ordering services in one platform. Founder Sam Shephard can be contacted on sam@juicejar.com