We were delighted to sit down as a startup community and discuss the phenomenon of ChatGPT with speakers Dave Graham of Dell Technologies, Mike Ma of Human Intelligence AI and Jase Bell of Synthetica Data.

If you didn't already know, OpenAI, funded originally by Elon Musk, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft makes ChatGPT, an AI bot that can create human-like responses to questions asked by a user. ChatGPT was first launched as a prototype to the public in November 2022. It took 5 days for ChatGPT to reach 1 million users, making it the most quickly-adopted tech software ever made.

In our open discussion we talked about its use cases, limitations, ethical considerations, the future of AI and implications for data security.

The overall message was that of embracing emerging technologies like ChatGPT whilst maintaining human oversight. The better the prompt, the better the output - but the value that we bring as people lies in our real world experience and thought leadership that should always oversee the outcomes from ChatGPT.

You can watch the session in your own time below.  

Here is one of many generative examples of ChatGPT that might enhance efficiencies in your own startup. Please feel free to share more.

Canva & ChatGPT hack for content creation

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