In June 2024, we brought together a range of different startups from different industries across early stage to more developed propositions to create the Riverhouse Raise

Hosted in Clockwise Co Working Space, in Riverhouse Belfast 5 startups showcased their business opportunities via Lightning Pitches
Short introductory pitches to give a taster of each startup so then more conversations could be had in follow up

On the stage we had industries from innovative solutions to solve car hire, making it easier for corporates to adopt environmentally friendly lighting
To a hardware / software solution transforming care for asthma sufferers across to a platform that supports businesses with their ISO accreditation process
To an app that pauses audio play on podcast or music when you fall asleep to a new innovation supporting international students applying for university places

Praveen Kaur of Uoto
Alistair Brown of LumenStream
Susan Kelly of Aflo
Charlene Armour of Armour
Gary McDowell of SWIS
Mia Dixon of Beacon Admissions

Thanks to our supporters and partners Magic Sauce, Diversity X, Regionally Ventures and Seedlegals