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When TechInvest announced they'd be supporting Northern Ireland as part of their regional approached, we saw a great opportunity to encourage early stage startups to go to London in search of angel investors. Northern Ireland does certainly have a few angel investors but with the UKBAA (UK British Angels Association) brand and network this was an opportunity not to miss.

Getting the startups to apply was somewhat of a challenge. It was a case of whether the cost opportunity was worth it. Would they meet angel investors to make the trip worthwhile? Those with grit and ambition at the right stage applied and 2 Raise portfolio made it to the finals with 8 others, the fantastic DiverseTalent.ai and Cybrisc.

The next challenge was getting to London! Of course we have to fly to get there and overnight stays can be pricey for a startup... So we dedicated some time to chatting to the network and found the backing of Carson McDowell who wanted to support and very kindly sponsored some of the trip. A big thank you to Paul and Hilary for their support!

And if that wasn't enough, the next challenge the snow. With a few delays on flights our startups made it and were the only two females pitching in the room. Both Clare and Jemma had great conversations with angels outside Northern Ireland that really see the opportunity.

A big kudos to the ladies for capturing the opportunity to travel to London, for showing determination and a growth mindset beyond just Northern Ireland and for representing female founders in the room.

Watch this space to see what happens next! You aren't going to want to miss our upcoming Sunset Pitch Night at UU Academy Belfast on Wednesday 29th March where we'll showcase 6 exciting tech startups. Register below - tickets are limited.

Sunset Pitch Night with Raise
Join us at the Ulster University Belfast’s Academy Restaurant to see pitches from exciting early-stage startups as the sun goes down