Here is a short behind the scenes of the Future Match Team Day.
The team reviewed the last quarter and set objectives to capture the opportunities that lie ahead for the coming months.

They also shared the wins, identified how far they as individuals have come and worked hard to identify where the gaps might be to work on.
The whole focus was around developing "pipeline velocity" and how each role in the business can deliver this.

Part of the session was a dry run through of presenting our product. Each team member in turn presenting their products as if they are selling it.
Following the mantra “always be selling” this really helped the team understand not only the features and advantages but how  it benefits the customer.

As a startup, when you’ve had the chance to get through an initial conversation with a potential client, then a demo then the third meet you hope it is moving towards a buying decision

If you have got them into a meeting you are probably 50% there, but the final 50% to get to the signed contract is crucial and their time is precise.
If you don’t get to the value add and how you can make their life better within the first say 5 – 10 minutes they are going to tune out and think right what else do I need to be working on today.

Engagement, talking to their problem making them feel unique is key.  You can only do this if you gather 2 buckets of information. One is how you are different to others in the market and the other is key information from the customer. This is crucial to success where by during that initial conversations and demos you have to listen to find out what their real challenges are and match your product to how it can combat those challenges

 It was a great session and the team are well prepared now to “always be selling” Great I got to meet the FutureMatch team face to face for the first time and great to see they like the banter as much as I do!
Can’t wait to hear how the 1st, 2nd and 3rd conversations go with potential clients  next month now that they have refined their sales proposals

 Futurematch is an AI powered talent attraction, engagement, conversion and analytics platform. Partnering with leading brands, Futurematch accelerates their ability to target, connect attract and hire early careers talent, effectively and efficiently.

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