The NI Software Alliance was established in 2022 to become the voice of the software industry in Northern Ireland.

A collaboration of independent companies in the industry, they are championing the local software sector that contributes £1.7 billion annually and employs 23,000 people across approximately 2,200 businesses, as a world leader in innovation.

“We are the voice of the software industry in Northern Ireland. We exist to lobby and support strategy and policy development to ensure that Northern Ireland becomes the world leading region for innovative software businesses leading to a sustainable and prosperous economic future.”

We were lucky to have Michael Gould of the Alliance join the Raise community recently to share the important work the organisation is doing to give a voice to software companies in Northern Ireland. For startups this importance is amplified - unity and collaboration strengthens our power as a startup ecosystem and helps our voice get heard.

Membership is free for companies with under 10 employees. We'd encourage all startups to join the alliance in unity with the software community and create a stronger voice for our sector.

You can apply for membership below.

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Membership is open to all companies and organisations, or elements of them, that engineer software. We are the only collective group dedicated to representing the software industry in Northern Ireland Why Join?